Inspection & Testing

All electrical installations deteriorate with age. However, once the cables are installed initially, these may rarely be seen due to them being installed within the fabric of the building or within a containment system such as conduit or trunking. Any defects which may occur after this can only be identified with the correct training and equipment.

The purpose of inspection & Testing of both new and existing installations is ensure they are safe for both initial and continued use. During the process any defects can be identified and highlighted along with a recommendation of how best these can be resolved.

Typically each sector has a different frequency of inspections, and these are generally:

  • Domestic (Private Property) – Every 10 Years or change of owner
  • Domestic (Private Rental) – Every 5 Years or change of tenant
  • Commercial – Every 5 Years but can alter dependant upon the specific environment & use
  • Industrial – Every 3 Years but can alter dependant upon the specific environment & use.


Upgrading ageing electrical panels and wiring is often required to meet modern safety standards. Let our professional technicians inspect your system and keep your building compliant and electrically safe. Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection and testing!

Inspection & Testing